Sezione Grafica operates as a creative consultancy in and around design.

Sezione Grafica is the on-going partnership between Aldo Caprini & Flavia Lunardi. Working both individually and together since 2016, we are now focusing on our collaborative practice. Translating to ‘graphic design department’, Sezione Grafica operates as a creative consultancy to wider fields, in and around design.
The studio works with architects, art directors and commercial clients on a broad range of graphic design projects, including printed matter, identities, exhibitions and digital communication.
We are fascinated by the basic elements of visual communication, we understand the good-form as design which is authentic and appropriate to its time and content. This leads to outcomes which have a sensibility to both the past and the present, which are simple and rational, but also individual and unexpected.
We believe in designing matter that makes sense.
Strategy – Ideas driven
Art Direction
Positioning & Branding
Social Media & Digital Strategy
Strategy & Creative Direction
Design – Design driven
Animation & Video
Data Visualization & Infographics
Environmental Design
Interactive & Digital Design
Print & Editorial Design
Signage & Wayfinding
Visual Identity
2D & 3D Illustration
We like to think that Graphic Design is a serious matter.
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